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"Saving Our American Heritage for Future Generations"

We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization incorporated in May 2006, to protect and preserve the free roaming wild horses, that roam into Virginia from North Carolina. We are dedicated to "Saving Our American Heritage For Future Generations " through the enhanced education and preservation of the wild horses. These wild horses are true descendants of the Colonial Spanish Mustangs (Banker Ponies/Corolla's) that have roamed the Outer Banks of Virginia and North Carolina since the early 1500's.


The Herd

This infamous stallion "Red Feather" and his herd were removed from Sandbridge in Virginia Beach after they continued to come up into Virginia  from North Carolina. They had 3 babies hit and killed by vehicles and one mare was hit and drug on the roadway causing her baby to be born dead. 

 Each time we captured them and returned them to North Carolina where there is still a Wild Horse Sanctuary they circumvented the fence to return to Virginia.  They now live on our rescue farm where they are safe and protected.


This is Red Feather and his herd on our rescue farm

These wild Mustang's are living legends that are descendants of the Spanish Mustangs that have roamed the coast of Virginia and North Carolina for over 400 years. We are dedicated to saving our American Heritage for Future Generations! Please contact us to learn more about how you can help! 


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