Our Mission Statement

Virginia Wild Horse Rescue is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization founded in May 2006+ to protect and preserve the free roaming wild horses that cross into Virginia from North Carolina.

Dedicated to "Saving Our American Heritage for Future Generations", through enhanced education and preservation of the wild horses, who are descendants of the Spanish Mustangs that have roamed the coast of Virginia and North Carolina for more than 400 years.

Our Purpose

The specific objectives and purposes of this organization shall be: The Organization is organized exclusively for charitable, educational or specific purposes within the meaning of 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. 

  • Protecting and preserving the wild horses when they come into Virginia from North Carolina where they roam freely in the Sanctuary of Currituck County
  • Promoting and enhancing public awareness through educational programs that give their history and the importance of saving the wild Spanish Mustangs as our American Heritage for Future Generations
  • To engage in fundraising activities to support the organization's purposes; to solicit and accept by subscription, gift, donation, bequest, dives, or otherwise, money and property whether personal or realty from any member of the general public and from any firm, association, trust, foundation, or corporation, including any municipal county, city, state or national governmental unit or instrumentality thereof.
  • Supporting , fundraising and cooperating with other nonprofit organization, other groups and individuals with similar related goals.
  • The establishment of sanctuaries for rescued wild Spanish Mustangs who can no longer remain in the wild, to maintain herds with feed and hay as necessary in preparation for the sanctuary and in the sanctuary stay.
  • To create an equine rescue unit that would not only serve the wild Spanish Mustangs, but also act as a rescue of equine or large animals in Virginia Beach, the state of Virginia and neighboring states after major natural disasters. 

Virginia Legislation 2008

Virginia Delegate Terrie Suit was the sole proprietor of the Wild Spanish Mustang Resolution Hj184 and with her support the resolution passed making the wild horses a Cultural and Historical Resource of Virginia.