round-ups (January thru may 2018)

Our Virginia Wild Horse Rescue Trailer


We are so thankful for Wally Thacker, owner of Sterling Meadows, who helped us design our rescue trailer. 

Then we purchased the trailer, with  monies from our contract with Back Bay Wildlife Refuge, for the Survey and Wild /Feral Horse Capture and Removal Plan, when we incorporated in May 2006. 

All the logos and lettering were donated by the wonderful owners  of Router Banks Signs in Moyock, NC. Thank you Sarah and Bob Koch for your support! 

The Black Stallion's Herd


On January 25th, 2018 we received a call from False Cape State Park, that a herd of 5 wild horses had circumvented the VA/NC fence and came up into Virginia Beach.  We responded with our volunteers and located them on Ocean Pearl Road just north of the gate into NC. We were able to walk them through the gate and back into NC where there is still a Wild Horse Sanctuary. 

We would like to thank Laura Halapin for her donation of her beautiful photos of this herd when she accompanied us on one of the round-ups.  


Two of the Black Stallion's Mares


We were called again by Kyle Barbour, Manager at  False Cape State Park, on February 1st, as the herd had returned. This time we were able to capture them behind the park manager's home in False Cape State Park.  We were able to setup panels making a pen to capture them in and  loaded them into our trailer and unloaded them in Carova,NC. 

We never touch, rope or handle the wild horses when we round them up. We use our volunteers as human fences and walk them into the catch pen.

Two more photos of the Black Stallion's Mares


As the herd continued to return to Virginia circumventing the fence on the Bay/Sound side they were captured and returned to NC.  

A total of ten times we responded to this herd and returned them to North Carolina.. 

The Herd of now Six came into Back Bay Wildlife Refuge.


Each time we returned the Black Stallion and his herd back to NC  he would come back strong and with another mare.  

This herd was getting closer to the Sandbridge Community where Red Feather's herd had 3 babies hit and killed by vehicles. 

The Final round-up where the herd was captured and taken to CWHF's Rescue Farm


After meetings with the manager of False Cape State Park, Back Bay Wildlife Refuge, the City of VB Director of Agriculture, the decision was to take the Black stallion, his four mares and black colt to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund's Rescue Farm in Jarvisburg, NC